Draw in the Crowd with a Big LED Screen-for-Hire in Sydney

LED Screens for Event & Entertainment, Exhibitions & Displays, Advertising, Signage & Retail.
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Are you launching an advertising campaign? Hosting a corporate seminar, broadcasting a major sporting event or live music performance?

Then you need the right LED configuration to keep your audience engaged. One that can be seen from any viewing distance. Any angle of the venue. And with the right ambient lighting conditions.

That’s where we come in – your LED screen-for-hire solution in Sydney.

LED Vision supply indoor and outdoor visual solutions for a range of events including conferences & seminars, live music performances, advertising signage, venue installations, live performance theatre, and outdoor festivals.

What We Offer You

From the first meeting, we consult you on your specific needs and vision for the event. We then help you choose an audio and visual configuration that’s right for you.

Whether you need a live camera feed, content design and mapping or visual backdrop – our licensed technicians have the hardware to satisfy your needs.

  • 3mm to 10mm pixel pitch setup for optimal viewing distance
  • Modular ground stacking and aerial rigging configurations
  • High fidelity playback systems
  • Indoor and outdoor venues
  • Australian certified designs
  • Turn-key event designs

Industry Leading Technology

LED Vision supply a range of LED screens to hire for any indoor or outdoor venue in Sydney.

From jumbo screen arena configurations to smaller-scale setups for exhibitions, conferences and displays. Every aspect of your installation is tailored to suit your goals and budget.

What can you expect from a company who offers state-of-the-art custom visual content and live camera feeds? Custom LED panels, playback systems, live production equipment and mixing desks.

Rest assured, we have the resources and equipment to deliver a memorable viewing experience. And with no technical hiccups!

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LED Vision offers competitive prices on Outdoor & Indoor LED Screen Hire

Affordable Rental Solutions

Do you only need a visual setup for an evening? Perhaps a few weeks for a festival circuit or promotional campaign?

There’s no need to drop thousands of dollars on brand new audio and visual equipment. Save your money. Instead, choose a reliable and hassle-free rental solution.

We lease our equipment for as many days or weeks as you need. You only pay for the time you need and the cost of labour assembling and dismantling your setup.

No need to worry about hidden costs or expenses leaving you with a massive bill.

Why Choose LED Vision

At LED Vision, you get more than reliable tech support, custom audio and visual solutions. You have the chance to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether your priority is to:

  • Raise awareness for a worthy cause
  • Launch a new product
  • Entertain a crowd of adoring fans
  • Promote your business with engaging visual content

… LED Vision can translate your vision onto the big screen. What could be more rewarding than sharing your vision with the world?

Call LED Vision on (07) 5593 5107 to get a high quality and affordable LED-for-hire solution for your company.

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